Healthy and colourful through everyday work

Healthy and colourful through everyday work

We have left the holidays behind us, the year 2018 has passed, and now 2019 lies before us. But the winter is not over yet. For many, the coming months are the most difficult. While in November and December the Christmas spirit is spreading and despite the unpleasant weather radiates splendour and cosiness, January and February are mostly marked by dreariness and cold.
New projects and new challenges await you on the job, but often there is a lack of energy to persevere until spring. This is not just a question of attitude or personal circumstances. But the energies available to the body decrease in the course of the winter. More than many think, however, we can lift our mood and strengthen our well-being through the right diet and with a few little tricks, in order to get through our working day much more pleasantly and without illness.

A varied and vitamin-rich diet is the be-all and end-all for every organism. Especially after the many sweets of the Christmas season, in the following time our body has even more the need for nutritious, healthy food. In general, the excuse "I don’t have time" is not at all an excuse. Take your time, starting already in the morning. Enjoy cereals with nuts, dried and fresh fruits, some honey and natural yoghurt. Or make yourself a quick scrambled egg, accompanied by wholemeal bread and avocado. Doing so, you will get a kick of vitamins and minerals at the beginning of your day. And if, in exceptional cases, it has to be a sandwich from the bakery around the corner, add a selection of fresh, colourful fruit.

In the office, many people grab their coffee in the classic way to stay awake - again and again, all day long. It has now been proven that coffee also has positive effects, but there are still alternatives that stimulate circulation and blood pressure, so that you get an energy boost. Try Indian spiced teas, which are available at any drugstore. Or tea made from fresh mint and ginger root. It stimulates the circulation and is also good for the bronchia and the immune system.

But above all, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. A truism in itself, but many overlook or underestimate their own water requirements, especially in winter. Heating air, which you are permanently exposed to, keeps the demand almost as high as in summer. Fluid helps blood circulation, and a well supplied brain works better and without headaches.

In order to escape the cafeteria jog, the monotonous food at your desk or the daily routine in the same one or two restaurants, you can put a special day into your programme once or twice a week, let us call it Gourmet Day. On those days, choose nice and good restaurants where you can get healthy and freshly prepared dishes. A gourmet day may cost a few euros more than a visit to the cafeteria, but it offers your body more quality food. It also breaks up your daily routine and makes you explore new things.

Use your lunch break also for some exercise in combination with oxygen. When it's cloudy and cold outside, it's hard to get out, but your body will thank you for it. Physical activity is too limited in our office activities anyway, so get your machine moving a little and get your circulation going. A walk in the fresh air will clear your head and, if done regularly, will be good for your immune system.

Once arrived in the evening or in the weekend, many of us are in the mood for absolute relaxation. This often means: little physical activity, long stays in closed rooms and repetitive activities. It is better to bring some variety into your free time, though. Instead of sitting alone or with your family at home, invite people to join you and make a dinner together, to which everyone contributes something. There is already a pleasant activity in the planning and coordination. Or meet with friends outside, even if the way there is uncomfortable at first. In the restaurant, in the museum, for sports, for a lecture. Do things for yourself too, pursue your hobby, take exploratory walks in your city. Variation in your free time will take away the feeling that time passes monotonously and with repetitive small steps. Make your everyday life colourful. With colourful food and colourful activities - you will see that these cold and grey winter months pass more quickly than expected.